"Stove of the Year 2018"

Clock Woodburners "Compact 5kw"

Output (kw) 2.5kw – 7.5kw (Nominally Tested at 5kw)

Wood Burning - Yes

Multi Fuel - Yes

Flue Size - 5" / 130mm

Weight - 85kg

Glass Size - 300mm x 250mm

Rope Size - 12mm Diameter Soft

Warranty - 7 Years

Available Options

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Multiple colour options 

Brass or Stainless Steel Fittings

Direct Air Kit on request 

Heat Shield on request 

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The award winning "Compact 5" is available NOW from your nearest dealer. With an impressive heat output range of 2.5kw to 7.5kw yet nominally tested at 5kw, our new addition to the range certainly ticks all the boxes. 

As with all Clock Stoves the Compact 5 is Defra approved and Eco Design 2022 ready as standard.

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Clock Double Sided Stove

In showrooms during March

We took this stove to the Hearth & Home exhibition to gain valuable feedback from our current dealers.  We thought "If they like it, we will build it" 

Such was the response to the prototype we made it. 

Fully 2022 compliant (The only double on the market that is !!) - Crystal Clear glass, totally controllable and is 70% more efficient than the new targets set for 2022.

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To register your interest in the double sided stove contact your nearest dealer or call us on 0161 877 6974 or email


Clock Gas Stove

Official Launch date TBC

Description                                    Values 


Output (kw)                                   4kw High – 1.4kw Low 


Energy Rating                               C 


Controls                                          Full Remote controlled as standard 

                                                         24hr Timer as standard 

                                                         Thermostat as standard 


Fuel                                                  Gas 


Flue Size                                          5” 


Weight                                             95kg 


Glass size                                        352 x 270mm 


Rope size                                         12mm 


Warranty                                         7 years 



Available Options 

Colours options
Brass or Stainless Fittings 

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During the 2017 season we were repeatedly asked by our dealers and customers "Why don't you offer a Gas version?"

So while sticking with our principles of 100% UK made, quality construction and ease of use we decided to go ahead and build one.  

The output range is 1.4kw (Low) to 4kw (High) and this little beauty will be ready during 2019. 

To register your interest in the Clock Gas Stove contact your nearest dealer or call us on 0161 877 6974 or email