Clock Woodburners -
Clock Woodburners -

  • Building for the future

    All Clock Stoves are 100% made in the uk!

    Designed in the UK - Our 1st model was commissioned by Blithfield Hall in Staffordshire.
    All Component parts are sourced and produced in the UK.
    All Stoves are fabricated, hand finished and fully assembled in the UK.  
    Packaging, freight, marketing, after-sales care and customers services are again - All UK 

    Planning ahead

    Our Multifuel Stoves are just the start of the Clock master plan. Gas and Electric models are already well into the research and development stages (launch dates for these will be announced shortly)
    No matter which option you choose Clock will be able to provide you with the perfect choice of appliance to fit any style of home, office or structure.

    New legislation comes into force in 2018 & 2022 specifically focused on emissions. Right back from the initial design stages Clock Stoves have been built to maximize efficiency and meet not only current legislation but to ensure all future requirements are met.  

    Dealer network

    Working with dealers and showrooms across the UK we are confident you are only a short trip away from viewing your new Clock Woodburner in action. All our dealers have been hand chosen because (like us!) they have demonstrated a proven track record for customer service and reliability.

    It is our firm belief that showrooms and dealers are there to help you choose in comfort, offer only the best possible advice and information about our Stoves with No pressure or hint of the hard sell. In fact, if the dealer feels that Clock in not quite right for your installation we are happy for them to offer the best solution. After all, that's what they are supposed to do. 

    Warranty & Parts

    Clock Stoves come with a 7 Year warranty on the body and grate. All other parts are fully serviceable.

    When your Stove is delivered or fitted it will be supplied with Warranty Registration form. Please complete and return your form within 28 days of instalation to ensure your stove is registered with us directly. Each stove has a unique reference number which can be found in the back of the instruction manual. This number is essential when registering your Stove with us and must be kept in a safe place once your appliance is commissioned. 

    Spare Parts

    All our dealers carry reasonably priced spare parts for all consumable items such as replacement glass, door seal rope, touch up paint and fire bricks. 

    If for any reason you are having difficulty with spare parts please don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly as we carry everything you will need in stock at the factory.

    Please email or call TEP on 0161 877 6974 who will be happy to help. 

    Technical Data

    Click here to access technical data, Stove specifications and usful information about your stove.